All Mynoon bracelets are handmade in Spain and under a very controlled production, so our bracelets are not sold on a massive scale.
We have detected several similar brands, made with marine ropes, but the technique is different and they do not allow the same use.

Our ropes are carefully crafted and designed to meet our demands.

Mynoon bracelets have some details that distinguish them from others:



All of our shackles are laser engraved with the Mynoon brand.






The bracelets are made using the well-known Gaza knots and are secured right in the HALF of both Gazas with a security stitch that prevents any displacement of the GAZA. This sewing has been done regularly for many years with different shapes and color compositions.

Our models are protected by patent and utility model both in Europe and America.

This stitching detail makes many people display it as the most relevant part of the bracelet.

Shackles, Carabiners: They are built by renowned manufacturers of the nautical industry and in steel of the highest performance.

The seams are made with braided and waxed polyester threads with a thickness of 0.8mm that withstand high tensions and prevent breakage. The
closure elements, Shackles and Pins are made of 316 Stainless Steel or bronze, which prevent rust and any deterioration that could occur in the practice of impact or adventure sports. Some versions have semi-precious stones or artificial elements are made and Synthetic but expensive to manufacture.

Our Skull “Steel” series is made with skulls, in 316 steel. Our Skull “Silver” series is made with skulls made of 925 silver with engravings, Zirconite inserts and even natural diamonds.

The “Gold” Skull Series is made of 18-carat gold.


We have incorporated a new material that offers the resistance of Viton and the properties of Sanitary Nitrile, making it unique.

Our collection grows in addition to some patented design pieces such as our Noray Skull and Noray.

They copy us a lot so to continue being different we must offer unique pieces.

With the closing elements and the different bracelets, textile or rubber, a thousand combinations can be made