About us

¿ Why mynoon ?

The sun and the stars have been for most of our history the method by which we have measured time and located ourselves.

For many centuries sundials were of great importance because they were the only instruments capable of telling the time accurately. In addition, the sun and the stars were also the method by which we located ourselves and that allowed us to go into the unknown; sailing the seas and oceans, discovering the world.

Noon is a very special time of the day, the sun is at its highest point. Although not always exactly, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so that during midday the horizontal shadow of any object follows a north-south line, an effect that allows us to orient ourselves. It is just at noon, when you can locate yourself by simply observing your own shadow.

Mynoon wants to be those moments of enlightenment, that moment when you find yourself, you know where you are and where you are navigating to. It no longer matters what others think because you are in your element, you are yourself.

Our bracelets are handmade in Barcelona, with nautical materials of the highest quality. Made to withstand all the elements, all the trips and adventures, any time of your life. Finding yourself takes time, we want to give you that time.

Objective all: Women and Men …. handmade one by one .

Our intention is to create bracelets using components that are able to withstand the elements around us.
Bracelets capable of withstanding any activity, no matter how hard it may be. All bracelets are handmade one by one.
following a careful process to ensure that they comply with our handcrafted product philosophy.

Mynoon are bracelets that can accompany you from heaven to hell itself, you just have to choose the best color to be in harmony.

Our wish is that they can reflect the whole personality, that they resist and adapt to the passage of time with us.

Each bracelet has its own story, you create it but we have baptized them with the name of winds.


Materials 100% used in the nautical sector and industry.

We use materials and techniques from the nautical industry for the manufacture of our bracelets, which are used to build ropes that withstand enormous stresses.

100% Handmade

Each bracelet is 100% handmade using sewing techniques that require a methodical process that guarantees a long life.

Each artisan performs the same process during its manufacture, putting all his heart into it. Use the most perfect machine in existence.