The Wind Bora (Croatian: Bura; Slovenian: Burja; Bulgarian: Буран; Greek: Βοράς; Turkish: Bora) It is a catabático wind blowing from the north-northeast in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Slovenia and Turkey. It is cold and dry and is due to the formation of a seasonal cyclone in the Mediterranean Sea. Its name derives from the Greek mythological figure of Boreas/Βορέας, the north wind.
The changing Bora can often be felt throughout Dalmatia, Istria, Trieste and the rest of the eastern coast of the Adriatic. It blows in gusts. Bora is frequent mostly in the winter. It blows stronger, as the meteorologist Baron Ferdinand von Wrangel explained by extending Julius Hann’s explanation of the katabatic Alpine winds to the north of the Adriatic, 1 when a polar high-pressure zone sits over the snow-covered mountains of the Inner Plateau behind the mountain range.

Cape 6mm
Color Blue and gold steel shackle

Sewn in blue with red details


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