Pampero Oriental


Guía de Tallas
Wind of Uruguay
This wind is caused by the low pressures that are installed on the plains of the center and northwest of our country, more pronounced in summer and that can come to attract the winds of the anticyclone of the South Pacific.
Because of this, we could say that it is a cold and dry wind that comes from the southwest. It blows generally in summer, after several days of constant increase of the temperature and of the humidity in this plain, by the entry of the winds of the north-west.
Thus, the Pampero advances quickly through the PAMPA, establishing a storm front in the contact area between the two masses, since these have differences in terms of humidity and temperature.
The Pampero is the cold and dry dough, while the other is warm and humid, coming from the trade winds. In the contact front of both masses thunderstorms are produced, abundant rains which are often accompanied by hail and a sudden drop in temperature. When this state of time ends, it will become cool and dry, a matter contrary to the initial: warm and humid.
Besides this wind, it generates other peculiarities consequence of its advancement. For example, it rolls over the waters of the Río de la Plata from the coast of Argentina to Uruguay.

Cape of 8mm thick

Straight shackle black steel 4mm.
Color Black sand and black stitching and black details

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