Guía de Tallas
This type of wind, is formed as a consequence of the installation on the Pampeano coast of a center of low atmospheric pressure. This center attracts a mobile anticyclonic cell caused in the South Pacific.
This cell in its trajectory crosses the Patagonia and when it returns to the Atlantic it incorporates again humidity, which is discharged when it enters the continent again. This discharge is in the form of drizzles or mild rains, lasting about three to five days.
The months between April and October are the highest number of Sudestadas registered. But the most intense are in June generally, because they cause the maximum flooding.
Why do I say floods?
This is because the persistent southeast direction of the wind hinders the normal drainage of the Río de la Plata, causing flooding in the delta and the Bajos de la Ribera.

Cape of  6mm thick
Straight shackle 4mm  Steel .
Green Kaki sewn navy blue and blue details

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