We are looking for people who have a lot of personality, who like freedom, travel.
We love people who have many friends and like to share good experiences with them.
We want you to help us convey the concept of MyNoon and we are willing to reward you for it.

Being a MyNoon Ambassador will allow you to obtain a commission for each of the sales made thanks to your My Noon posts.

Your friends will benefit from discount codes when we run promotions.

Being a MyNoon Ambassador has many advantages, you can benefit from it and offer discounts to your friends and acquaintances.

As we have mentioned before, every time a friend or acquaintance makes purchases on your behalf through our website, they will obtain discounts on their purchases and you will receive a commission for each of them.

Once your profile as a MyNoon Ambassador is validated, you will receive a Promotional Code linked to your account. This code will allow you and your friends and acquaintances to obtain a 10% discount on each of your purchases made through this website.

In addition to the 10% direct discount on purchases, your profile will accumulate a commission of 10% of the total of each of the sales. This commission obtained will be reviewed at the end of each month and we will deposit the total in the bank account that you indicate. Minimum €50.

So good!

Once your profile has been validated by MyNoon, you will obtain a Promotional Code that you must use each time you make a purchase through our website.

This Promotional Code can be used infinite times, anyone who uses your Code will immediately obtain a 10% discount on their purchases through this website and, in addition to this, you will obtain a percentage of 10% commission for each of purchases made.

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Send us your data (@instagram, name, email and any comments) to “” and we will contact you to validate your profile and get all the necessary information to create your MyNoon Ambassador profile.